What to Wear

What to Wear to Gymnastics

At PCGC we do not insist gymnasts wear a uniform to class but we do have a strict dress code that must be followed. The dress code has been developed to ensure the safety and comfort of all coaches and gymnasts

  • Your gymnast should wear a leotard or active wear (a crop top/slim-fitting singlet top with bike pants, leggings or sports shorts) to class
  • Your gymnast’s gym gear needs to be comfortable and appropriately modest
  • Long hair must be tied back neatly in a bun or a plait – most coaches send gymnasts for a lap if they fix their hair during class
  • Jewellery should be left at home (stud earrings are ok)

Please do not allow your gymnast to wear:

  1. Uniforms or merchandise from organisations not affiliated with PCGC
  2. Skirts, tutus, skorts or dancing dresses
  3. Big, baggy t-shirts or shorts
  4. School uniforms


When representing the club at competitions Gymnasts are required to wear the full competition uniform.


  • PCGC Competition Leotard
  • PCGC Competition Shorts
  • PCGC Competition Longs
  • PCGC Polo Shirt
  • PCGC Bag
  • PLAIN WHITE Socks (purchase from Best & Less or Target)


  • PCGC Competition Leotard (correct sleeve length for level – see admin if unsure)
  • PCGC Polo Shirt
  • PCGC Bag


PCGC competition uniform items and other training attire such as singlets, shorts and crop tops are available to purchase from the club. Our uniform coordinator will hold a pop up uniform shop at the gym  a couple of times throughout the year.

Uniforms shops are cash only or immediate bank deposit on your personal device (phone, tablet, laptop) showing our shop volunteers the screen once completed.

If you have any questions or would like to help out please email Lorin at [email protected]