Gymnastics joins top sports in Australia according to latest Ausplay report!

Pearl Coast Gymnastics Club: Where Australia’s Passion for Gymnastics Takes Flight

The latest AusPlay report shines a spotlight on an exhilarating trend: gymnastics is capturing the hearts of Australians nationwide, and Pearl Coast Gymnastics Club is at the forefront of this movement.

Statistics to Celebrate

For children aged 0-14, gymnastics has leapt to remarkable heights. The report reveals gymnastics as the second most popular organized sport for girls in this age group, boasting 465,000 participants across the nation. For boys, gymnastics also stands out with a solid 191,000 young participants. These statistics not only reflect the sport’s growing popularity but also underscore its role in promoting a healthy lifestyle among Australian youth.

Local Leadership, National Impact

Amidst this national celebration, our very own president, Sarah Stribling, lent her voice to the cause on ABC Kimberley. She spotlighted the significant role gymnastics plays in fostering physical health, mental agility, and social interaction among children. Her insights mirror our club’s dedication to nurturing the holistic development of each gymnast.

A Platform for Growth

At Pearl Coast Gymnastics Club, we believe in the power of gymnastics to transform lives. Our commitment is reflected in the quality of our programs, the expertise of our coaching staff, and the vibrancy of our gymnastics community. The AusPlay report’s findings are a testament to the impact of our collective efforts.

Your Invitation to Soar

In light of the AusPlay report’s findings and Sarah Stribling’s compelling conversation on ABC Kimberley, we extend a warm invitation to you to join our club. Pearl Coast Gymnastics Club is your springboard to success, whether you’re stepping onto the mat for the first time or aiming for a medal finish.

Discover the excitement of gymnastics at Pearl Coast Gymnastics Club.

For more information on how to join, visit or contact us at [email protected]. Let’s flip, jump, and vault into a brighter, more active future together!


Listen to Sarah’s interview: ABC Kimberely