Our Intermediate Tumbling Class at Pearl Coast Gymnastics Club offers an exhilarating opportunity for young gymnasts aged 6 and over to refine and advance their floor gymnastics skills. This class is perfect for those who have mastered the basics and are ready to elevate their tumbling techniques, including handsprings, somersaults, and tucks, in a supportive and mixed-gender environment.

Emphasizing safety, skill perfection, and fun, our experienced coaches guide gymnasts through each move, ensuring techniques are executed with precision and confidence. The class is structured to not only enhance gymnastic abilities but also to foster physical fitness, coordination, and the joy of movement.

Whether aiming to enhance their gymnastic skills for competitive purposes or simply for the love of the sport, our Intermediate Tumbling Class provides a motivating setting for young athletes to achieve their goals. With a focus on personal achievement and team encouragement, gymnasts will leave each session feeling accomplished and eager for more.